What is the VILLACLINIC care and rehabilitation centre?

VILLACLINIC is a care and rehabilitation centre operating as part of the UNICLINIC HEALTH AND REHABILITATION CENTRE, located in the Warsaw URSUS district.
In the description of VILLACLINIC we would like to emphasize the commitment and dedication that led to the establishment and functioning of the Centre, as well as the aim that the founders and employees pursue in all the aspects of their activity. Our aim is to guarantee a high level of physical and spiritual comfort for elderly people in various physical conditions. We strive to ensure them a sense of security and acceptance on a daily basis.

How can I make a reservation at VILLACLINIC?

If you wish to make a reservation we are at your service, you may contact us by:

- phone: +48 22 434 09 29,
- sending an email to: biuro@villaclinic.pl,
- filling in a contact form at the contact website,
- directly at VILLACLINIC, phoning beforehand.

Is a referral necessary at VILLACLINIC?

No referral is necessary. The services at VILLACLINIC are commercial in nature and do not require a referral.

What documents are required for admission to VILLACLINIC?

Persons who wish to use the services of VILLACLINIC are asked to possess the following:
• Identity card
• Pensioner concession card;
• List of currently received medication;
• Results of recent medical tests;
• Hospital report cards;
• Lists of persons actually taking care of the person admitted, telephone numbers included.

What should the resident take to VILLACLINIC?

• Personal hygiene products
• Toiletries
• Comfortable slippers or house shoes
• Pyjamas or night gown
• Bathrobe, comfortable clothing;
• Underwear;
• Two-part tracksuit
• Depending on the condition and individual needs: wheelchair, walker, walking frame, clutches, etc.

How are the VILLACLINIC ROOMS equipped?

Each room includes:
- a bed with a comfortable mattress,
- a night table,
- a wardrobe,
- a chest of drawers,
- an LCD television,
- a table with chairs,
- an armchair
- a landline phone
- air conditioning
- a bathroom.

How often are the rooms cleaned?

In order to maintain necessary cleanness, bearing in mind the comfort of Residents and their needs, all the rooms are cleaned daily.

What is included in the monthly accommodation fees at VILLACLINIC?

The monthly fees include:
-daily board of 5 meals,
-family doctor care,
-round-the-clock nurse's care,
-laundry and ironing of clothes,
-room cleaning,
-general fitness exercise (motor rehabilitation),
- group and individual activities,
- organization of festive events (holiday reunions, birthdays)

Is the cost of medication and medical devices included?

Expenses related to medication and medical devices are covered by the VILLACLINIC residents' own resources, however it is possible to order the purchase of medication.

Is it possible for relatives and close friends to visit the residents?

VILLACLINIC is a centre open 24/7.
Any visiting person is welcome and we create no barriers to visits of relatives and close friends.

How does the day look like at VILLACLINIC?

In order to ensure the comfort and sense of security of our residents we try not to impose a rigid daily schedule. An exception is made to the meal hours and individual rehabilitation, which run according to a schedule.

Is priest's service available at VILLACLINIC?

Yes. We take care of the spiritual development of our residents. We ensure constant access to the chapel and regular priest's visits.